Angel Education. Archangel? NOPE.

Angel Education. Archangel? NOPE.

Little known facts to Christians, and others, in reference to the Hieracrchy of Angels according to the Talmud, Midrash,  and other Holy manuscripts within Judaism. Remember that the Torah (Jewish bible) is the same thing as the Old Testament in the Christian bible. Much of the Qu’ran was taken directly from both. Jesus was a Jew. A very liberal one, but an observant Jew nonetheless.

Info taken from conservative Rabbi Ari Enkin’s (United With Israel) webinar 4.Nov.2014.

Do Jews Believe in Angels?

Malach = “messenger”; angels have only one purpose or mission which is to carry out God’s will. Like Malachi.

Torah tells us that Angels do exist; “For His angels will charge for you, to protect you in all your ways”. Pslams 91:11.

  1. Angels:

-can have only ONE mission. They sometimes look like people. One purpose per angel.

***All prophets receive their information through angels, with only one exception: Moses, who received divine revelation directly from God himself. The promised Moshiach, a mighty leader of Israel who will fulfill God’s will in order to save the Jewish people will receive his information through an angel; especially when he begins to campaign the Jews to “MAKE ALIYAH NOW”.

-God sent 3 angels to Avraham. One said “have a son”. The 2nd said “I am going to heal you”. The 3rd said “destroy Soddom and Gomorrah”.

-They tend to have a one track mind, and may seem to some as though they are “programmed”.

-Appear as ordinary humans; disguised as humans, and can affect the will of humans if the humans are truly in agreeance with God’s will thereby resembling “possession” or “fanaticism” to people who are not of God. No angel in recorded history has ever had wings or halos. That is a creation by artists and painters.

-Play an important role in maintaining, preserving, and enhancing  the relationship between God and humans, regardless of their assigned “task” or “job”. Their task will never contradict God’s law, and cannot be executed in a manner inconsistent with God. (IE “Chaos cupcakes”, “pissy baking”, or “ranting”. These things are COINTELPRO/SATANISM 101).

-Carry divine messages to be given to certain humans. MESSAGES COME IN THE FORM OF FEELINGS, and often times, EMOTIONS. This makes it very important for angels not to be affected by things like COINTELPRO and electronic harassment, and the psychic manifestations of others who intend to “close” and “block” said angel.

A little information about the enemies of angels, and of God the Father.

  1. SATAN=in Hebrew means “adversary”

As described in Kings 11, a military opponent of King Solomon.

“tests” people who he knows to be faithful to God, acts as an “inspector” requiring them to prove themselves (“pass”, “win”, etc.) challenges their spiritual authority, does things to trick the faithful in order to steal their authority, lies, divides, and falsely accuses those who belong to God. In these tests, he brings about spiritual death, destruction, pain, and sickness upon people if they believe the lies, fall for the tricks, and do not stand up to him or “tell” by calling the adversary out directly. The underlying assumption is that one has the ability to know from where the “tests” are originating. Does everything in their power to get us to “turn” on God, then accuses us of having “fallen”. Says and does things which are a clear contraindication to what God has said in the Torah and the very character of God.

In Chasidism Satan is presented as an agent of God whose function it is to tempt one into sinning.

In Rabbinical Judaism, Satan is used to refer to the “yetzer hara”; the inclination that exists in all of us to do evil. Within is exists the potential to do good or evil, and to transgress against God, the yetzer hara; the DARK side of human nature. The inclination to do good and to please God is the yetzer tov, which equals LIGHT.

In Christian theology it is made manifest by our free will choice to follow our own human primal instincts, as in the original fall of Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden, or our choice to choose Jesus and Mary, the new Adam and Eve, who redeem and guide us from the original sin in the garden.

In Islam, it is the tendency to listen to the “good angel” that sits on one side of our shoulder whispering God’s ways and laws or either the “bad angel” called the djinn who tries to mislead us as Satan does.

As a side note, in current times, this free will choice is being compromised covertly through the implementation of the psychic COINTELPRO program that appears to have ravaged the United States, using mind control techniques that remove our free will and reduce us to spiritual enslavement. It is happening to a lot of us, however as a part of it, no one seems to want to talk about it. My own personal experience is that because I have the 3rd eye (another post explains why) someone else with the same type of abilities but from a different source (obviously) uses induced and incited  negative emotions which translates into chaotic thoughtforms. These thoughtforms are then rechanneled and paired with negative intentions to create darkness and chaos. By definition this is chaos or “sigil” magic. Also known as Satanism. The intentions get manifested into the physical world, causing things like disasters, sickness, and human suffering. Isaiah chapter 60 warns of these times. When darkness covers the earth and thick darkness the peoples, Jerusalem will shine once again and act as a light unto the nations. It also describes the ingathering of dispersed Jews back to their nation when the great leader calls for aliyah, or their return, from the four corners of the earth. That call has been being made for the last 12 months.  That darkness is the adversary, and is evident in the chaos which people are using this “program” for. However God does promise s to rescue Israel from the clutches of this adversary. That time is quickly nearing.

III. Learning about angels

Surrounding God’s throne: Michael at the right. Represents the tribe of Reuben. Gabriel at the front, for the tribe of Judah , Uriel at the left for the tribe of Dan, and Raphael at the rear representing the tribe of Ephraim.

God’s throne is presumed to be a metaphor, since we know that God does not take human form. He has no skin, bones, hair, and nails for He is light. Light is understood throughout ancient Hebrew, as well as more modern Christianity, to mean truth, and truth means knowledge, which is obtained by God’s light. Satan is a liar, and loves ignorance and darkness. Clearly, one who sees and understands the truth of God’s nature cannot be of Satan. The adversary doesn’t want us to be able to identify him and recognize his sneaky ways so he goes to great lengths to distract us. Jesus Christ referred to himself as the “Son of Man” and is an alliteration to the word “sun”. He is also referred to as the “morning star” which also means the “sun”. In ancient times, the sun was what people attributed to giving “life” to our planet. It gave us life literally by its light. Otherwise there would be total darkness, and the world would have been clothed in sackcloth, such as when Mt. Tambora erupted, or any of the other supervolcanoes, or even after the asteroid killed the dinosaurs. Everything died, and the human race was tested in darkness. However, God’s light was still evident though his faithful followers.

In Judaism, the concept of Jesus is represented best as the shemash on the menorah. The center candle on the menorah is positioned higher than the other candles and is used to light all the other candles. It is the light which ignites all the other lights. The menorah is the way in which the Jewish people remember the great battle on Chanukkah when the temple was destroyed. Every year, they light it in remembrance but also in hope that soon their promised 3rd Temple will be rebuilt. That time is also quickly nearing.

Lucifer disguises himself as an angel of light, greatly mimicking the ways of God, yet when no one is watching, covertly participates in campaigns of evil acts against us. The real angels, however, will protect those who they know are worthy. The order of those angels as per ancient Hebrew Holy texts, predates any and all Christian theology. The Jews of course have the privilege of having had this knowledge revealed to them first and most completely, being of course, the chosen ones. God’s favorites and clearly most loyal as He knew all along.

-In Jewish mysticism, or Kaballah which happens to be much of the same “wisdom” that God revealed to King Solomon in order that His wishes be fulfilled in building His first Temple, angels are described at length as “forces that send information, feelings, between mankind and God”.


-Judaism teaches that God is one power, one source, and cannot be broken down into parts. Angels are only here to carry out God’s will. In order to know His will, angels cannot be affected by other people’s will which means NO PROGRAMMING and NO COERCION. Angels also do not have powers like Harry Potter. People who are truly of God will be able to identify the difference clearly.

-The knowledge of angels is very limited (until now) to only those who are devoted to Him and there are stringent requirements that must be met, because “dabbling” in things of this nature in the absence of spiritual grounding and strict spiritual discipline lead to insanity and false beliefs about the world. People have now started becoming capable of manifesting things using the pineal gland, located IN the forehead, more commonly known as the third eye. Certain people who have it got it from God, hence the term God’s eye. I am one of those people. The people in this “program” also have it and use it to justify the violence and hate toward the ones who have the power to expose them if they fail to “conform” as I clearly have. This program seeks to divide and conquer, brother against brother, father against child, and uses every possible tactic that slaps God in the face to gain the upper hand in a form of spiritual warfare so that they can steal and use one’s spiritual power. The only way to defend oneself from it that I have seen is to participate in the apostasy, thereby forcing us to be at odds with God.  According to Christianity, this would be considered ANTICHRISTian. And it is. The people doing this are Satanists, but may not realize it. The program itself is the Antichrist, from which will arise a puppet to stand on the podium and claim to be like unto God. This system has already done that. All that is left which is needed is someone to literally be the face of the movement. How else would 2 billion Christians be silenced against what they should clearly be able to see as evil? The same thing that has kept all the Christians from helping me and spurred their participation in this multi country conspiracy to harass, block, and use me. Either they are too coerced to do the right thing by helping me or reporting the abuse, believing that the abuse is justified or warranted, or either for those who still are completely brainwashed they are too afraid. That is how the whole world has been deceived. One thing is for sure; the Jewish people haven’t fallen under the spell. Good thing I converted to Judaism!

For the purposes of explaining, assume the following: Angels are cars or vehicles. Roadmaps are the course they will take, God’s light is their gas. God’s love is their way of communicating and manifesting His plans. Angels are NEVER supposed to be blocked!

  1. Hierarchies of Angels: levels relate to how closely they relate to God
  2. Chayos-in Hebrew means “supporters”. The ultimate assistants to God, and closest to Him.
  3. Ophanim-“a plan””blueprint”. Lays the groundwork for other angels’ future actions, or future “building”. Drawn out in order to prepare for a real action to be made manifest by lower angels at a later time into the world. Like architectural blueprints, or a roadmap.
  4. Areilim-comes from the word “ariel” which means “divine light”. This light which originates from the source, or God, gets passed down the chain of command as a realization of God’s action in the spiritual world, while it has yet to be made manifest in the physical world. The ones responsible for reviewing one’s divine light. These angels are responsible for getting light closer to the physical world we are in, in preparation of God’s physical manifestation of His plans. These angels are invoked in the Yom Kippur liturgy, or DAY OF ATONEMENT service.
  5. Chashmeilim-Chashmal means “glittering substance” “electricity” or “energy”. These angels are similar to a glittering substance because they reflect the divine light from the Arielim. Reflect the light of the Areilim. The reflection of light diminishes the intensity of the light. It is the light from the Arielim, which has been passed down by reflection to further the plan God has made. The same light which was revealed to Moses, and the light that blinded the enemies of the Jews when they gazed upon the Ark of the Covenant. God’s light is too powerful to look upon.
  6. Seraphim-“absorb”. These angels absorb the light that is reflected from the Chashmeilim. The word “seraph” means to absorb a substance. Here the angels are absorbing the remainder of the divine light in order to transfer it to the next level. 3,4,&5 work together as a team to filter the light into “projects”. Seraphim are mentioned in both the Shabbat and high Holiday liturgies.

-Areilim, Chashmeilim, and Seraphim work together to as a team to filter and reflect God’s light so that humanity can enjoy God’s gifts and blessings. This light is His own power, like gas that powers a car.

  1.           Malachim-means “messenger”. Refers to teachers that are able to take an idea that is completely abstract and                     explain it. These angels are able to start the conversion process of a completely spiritual idea, originating from God’s    blueprint or plan, or roadmap, and begin to transform it into the physical world to be dispersed among man.
  2. Elokim-means “kings” or “rulers”. These angels are similar to the physical rulers of the world. They transfer the idea from the spiritual world, and physically put the idea, that started from God, into the physical world.
  3. Bnei Elokim-The Elokim take the idea from the Malachim and put the idea into the physical world, but the Bnei Elokim are the angels that guide the idea into the physical world. This is in order that the idea work in the way that it was intended to work. Kind of similar to what is known within the “program” as a “set up”; but to ensure that God’s plans and and ideas do not get hijacked. They serve as a safety measure for packaging the idea for dispersal into the physical world.
  4. Kerubim-Similar to children. As seen on top of the Ark of the Covenant. They represent the pure idea and transformation of God’s will before any human involvement and complication. This is the final level of angels that are disconnected from man.
  5. ISHIM-tenth and final level of angels. They are called this because of their connection to man. They tend to be more like humans. Ishim are the angels that relate the idea of God into the physical world in a way that man can understand it. Whether it be a message to a leader, or a physical manifestation of God’s will, like rain; the Ishim are what cause these events to occur in the physical world.

So the blueprints are the roadmap, which gives the car driving directions, and God’s light serves as the power or the gas that makes the car go. Any break in the chain of command impedes God’s plans and vandalizes His cars. Who, but His adversary would want to do this?

The program seeks not only to confuse the cars by giving them false directions and impostering Him, but also to send the little cars skidding off the road and crashing themselves, rendering them undrivable, by use of classic counterintelligence mind manipulation techniques of character assassination by slander campaigns, false information dissemination, deflection, diversion, provocation, sabotage, identity impersonation, feigning ignorance, scapegoating and “the blame game”, and covert electronic harassment. This is how I am guessing the great Christian persecutions will occur. Radio frequencies from cellular devices (the same “tags” that are used to identify prices of goods in a grocery store, via the barcode)that will not only identify the known perpetrators, but also be used to slowly kill them off, or force them to convert to the new ways of the world. If social engineering by way of the the third eye “set ups” (more commonly known in formal terms as a “pretext”) have the potential to create the future, then I guess it’s been created and these things will soon manifest.  Because I was the “sacrificial lamb” for the new world order. All the Christians who turned a blind eye to my suffering and helped to nearly spiritually destroy me will soon be facing it themselves. All in the name of making me a Saint as many people have verbally said to me, despite me pleading with them to understand that this is NOT God’s plan for me. Refusing to admit to a gargantuous mistake and own up to playing God with someone else’s life. Their plan not only slowed what God has for me, but impeded it almost totally…until now. Maybe this was a test for them instead of a test for me. My suffering is almost over. Now I am finally Jewish.

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